Stair gauge

Gatstep Inc: Stair gauge that won’t let you down

Carpenters and all craftsmen requiring precision in their work need to be properly equipped to achieve the objectives set by their client. The craftsmen responsible for building stairs or any other large-scale project do not derogate from this rule and are also concerned by this need for good tools.

Our teams at Gatstep include craftsmen responsible for carrying out such work and are therefore fully aware of the real expectations and needs of their fellow craftsmen. Gatstep’s management team has worked hard to be able to offer you exceptional tools today, the best possible allies in achieving your quality and delivery objectives with your customers.

  • Weight: 120 G / 0.25 lbs approx.
  • Packed weight: 130 G / 0.3 lbs approx.
  • Dimension: 1 1/2”x 1 1/2” / 38 x 38 mm
  • Height: 1” 3/8 / 35 mm
  • Handle: Plastic and metal
  • Structure: Aluminum 6061-t6J

Our model of Stair gauge

When performing work requiring regular measurements, good craftsmen need to be properly equipped, the accuracy of their work and therefore their professional reputation depends on it. At Gatstep we come from the same sector and are fully aware of your expectations and the expectations that customers place on you and your ability to do a perfect job as experts.

In addition to offering you high quality and versatile stair tread gauges, we are pleased to offer you our square clamp to allow you to take the most accurate measurements possible and thus achieve your success objectives at any time and in any place. The best ally of your stair tread gauge, the stair gauge will allow you to hold it in place without allowing it to slip. You take measurements as close as possible to reality, easily and effortlessly.


Why is our Stair gauge different ?
It allows you to draw angles up to 10 degrees
It allows tracing on imperfect planks
It keeps the brackets intact
It benefits from a huge durability
It is very robust
It allows high precision

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Like everyone else, you have the right to the best in your tools, Gatstep is your partner of choice and only offers you the best in stair tread gauges or Stair gauge. Come and check for yourself at one of our retailers or ask us for information!