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Our products

At Gatstep, we aim for innovation and precision. Therefore, for any professional wishing to create stairs with precision, we have developed a range of high quality products. Our staircase margin gauges and angle clamps have been carefully designed and manufactured to meet your needs. Manufactured in Canada, our products are an excellent choice for all your projects.

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Why choose Gatstep?


Our stair step gauges and angle clamps demonstrate excellent durability and are rock-solid!


we have extensive experience in the construction of stairs. This task requires skills to obtain a solid and aesthetic staircase. This is what allows us to fully understand your need for precision and provide a solution.


Unique products of their kind, our gauges and angle clamps are versatile and allow you to adapt to the type of step you need to implement for precise and impeccable work.


Our products are the result of months of design and choice of raw materials. After extensive research and testing, we are able to offer you products of professional quality.

Serving a diverse clientele

Our products are suitable for all professionals looking for precision tools.

  • A staircase installer, carpenter
  • A cabinetmaker
  • Do-it-yourselfer
  • Carpenter
  • A renovator


Products suitable for all types of projects

Various projects require you to be precise:

  • Stair tread templates
  • Straight steps with corners at the ends
  • The curved steps
  • The tablets
  • The counters
  • Ceramics
  • Floor covering
  • Suspended tiles
  • Any other multifunctional use


Are you looking for precision tools for your different jobs? Gatstep Inc. provides the solution to your problem. Contact us to learn more about us and our products or come and see for yourself at one of our retailers.