Gatstep Inc : Our official accessories

Do you need to replace an element of your Gatstep tools? We provide you with the various spare parts you may need to keep your Gatstep tools in perfect working order. Specially designed for your precision tools, our spare parts and bags of handles and screws will not let you down!

Spare parts

Do you want to keep your Gatstep tools in good condition? Are you looking for spare parts? You’ve come to the right place. Because we know better than anyone else that some projects are not easy for you and your tools, we provide you with the spare parts you need to keep your stair tread gauges in optimal condition for an always accurate and perfect result.

Perfectly compatible with your Gatstep stair tread gauges, you can find our spare parts at your usual retailers(/find-our-products)!

Handles and screws

Are you looking for something to complement your Gatstep tools? Have you lost your screws or handles on a construction site? No problem! We can provide you with the spare parts you need to get you back on the right foot.

Just like any other professional, you work hard on your projects and sometimes mishandle your tools, and that’s normal. Because we understand this reality better than anyone, we provide you with the bags of screws and handles you need to keep your Gatstep stair gauges working properly! Don’t hesitate to go to your Gatstep tool dealer to find them!

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If you’re looking for the best tools to get the job done, you’ve come to the right place! Gatstep offers you stair tread gauges, angle clamps as well as the necessary spare parts to keep them in excellent condition! Go to your official Gatstep retailers to enjoy them too!